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Venting to Avoid Responding

This is me getting out my feeling so I don’t send an ill-advised email response. No need to respond; just getting this off my chest.

I thought that my interactions with the ex would come to a close after the craptastic holiday season during which I received a shitty email and subsequent phone conversation that he was now engaged to his rebound. Alas, no. No doubt due to his impending nuptials, ex would like to purge all evidence that he was ever in very long relationship/marriage. Email I received today: sorry for all the super emotional shit this is no doubt going to stir up for you, but please delete and untag any Facebook photos you have with me.

....no. No I will not sit there and deal with years of photos. Photos that I don’t really want to sift through because, yes, that is going to cause a lot of emotional trauma. I won’t scrub clean our history so you can pretend it never happened. I won’t delete photos of my family and friends with you in them. It is my history, too. It’s my life and memories that I choose to keep (even if I don’t look at them). You can go through and untag yourself if it is so fucking important/your rebound is in a tizzy about not being your first wife. You are no longer in any position to tell me what to do.


I hastened along the divorce I didn’t want because you wanted to just “get this behind you,” didn’t cost you anything in attorney’s fees, never made you set foot in a courtroom - despite me having to go multiple times to deal with paperwork, didn’t tell you how disgusting I thought it was that your rebound was posting cutesy fucking photos on social media of you two days after we separated before the paperwork had even been filed. I have held my tongue and haven’t told you off when you made hurtful comments and requests or when you got indignant and called me entitled when I held my ground about what the law says about division of assets.

And if you push this issue, I am going to upload a new photo every single day, tag you and her in it and hashtag that shit #firstwifeforlife (except that I won’t because I have self-respect and won’t stoop that low, but that would feel good for about 2 minutes).

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