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Vermont Teddy Bear time again for Valentines Day ugh

This has to be the most impractical Valentine’s Day gift ever. As my mother puts it “it will collect dust and take up a chunk of closet space”. Yes a 4.5 foot teddy bear. Flowers you an toss out once wilted, a 4.5 foot teddy bear you have for entire relationship and marriage just collecting dust and taking up real estate in closet.

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Yup obstructs the sun too and the view. At least based on picture. There is a video spoofing this. It does use the f word so may be nsfw. The commercial visuals are the real commercial the voice was dubbed over. It skewers both the men who buy it and the women. Not sure who the voice over is. It sounds like Kristen Wiig but I doubt it.

I do believe the women are actresses in the commercial. I doubt if that’s real reactions.

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