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Welcome To The Bitchery

Very brief facebook vent

Feel free to pile on with anything that is annoying or upsetting you. It’s cathartic! And fun!

My vent: Lately family members have been posting family photos on facebook - which is great. But it really bothers me (bothers isn’t the right word) when I see a photo of a family member who isn’t alive anymore — just happening upon the photo can be upsetting. Today my cousin posted some photos that included photos of my dad* and my grandpa (who I miss terribly). The photo of my grandpa was particularly destabilizing because I absolutely wasn’t expecting it, and he was so important to me.


Anyway, tell me what’s bugging you!

*The anniversary of his death is this week and his death coincided with the terrorist attacks — since it is the 15th anniversary and a presidential election year, that shit is all over the news, which makes it even harder.

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