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Very Important Science

This is an important scientific question sweeping my friend circle... which is a better predictor of your love life? Pizza, or potatoes?

Preliminary results suggest that pizza is a better predictor of love life than potatoes, however, my sample size is too small to accurately form a conclusion. There has already been some talk in the Food Love Life Predictor Quiz community that given that pizza predicts the future, where as potatoes selects an age, that initially pizza will always give more positive results. Personal bias is also in play here, as potato quiz results depressed me heartily. However, pizza has more accurately predicted current relationship status for most people.

Please, in the name of science, please take both of these quizzes and tell us which one is more accurate.


Also feel free to discuss your choices here. I personally think my choice of sweet potato and gnocchi and roasted potato is what really set me back.

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