Just getting all the other stuff off my chest yesterday was awesome, thanks guise.

I went and got some fixer upper color for my hair this morning and I’m much happier. On the way to CVS (hell yes, cheap box dye) I drove past a field with some horses and my 4yo said he wants a horse cub for a pet.

I tried to get a picture of the awfulness of the color from yesterday, but with my bathroom lighting, this is about the best I could do. I’m not sure if it really captures how bad the color was.

I’m sorry that is so huge and sideways! Thanks, Kinja! (ETA: Okay, just sideways when I’m composing, I guess.) The color on the tab looks darker than in this picture and the color in my hair was slightly more orange. Not pretty. Definitely not what I was expecting.


I just took this picture of the new color. Much better.


I think some of the purpleish tint is still showing through, I like that better than flat brown, so I’m pretty happy now!

I know you’re all relieved to hear everything turned out okay!