Who here is superstitious and what are you superstitious about?

First, let me say that, like Michael Scott, I'm not superstitious... but I am a little stitious.

I find that I'm most superstitious about things related to relationships. Based on my extensive research of celebrity relationships and all the Real Housewives series, for example, I don't believe any relationship can last after Partner A's gotten Partner B's name tattooed on their body.

Based on this same research (not real research) it's also a scientific fact (by which I mean, my superstition) that no relationship will last after a couple's renewed their wedding vows.


This kind of sucks because HomeyHeart and I had a wedding that was rushed (I had a cancer scare and needed health insurance within a couple of weeks, soooo—who's ready to celebrate our LOOOOOVE?!) and I would love to have a backyard, wedding vow renewal on, say, a big anniversary (15's coming up!).

Only, I won't. Because I love HomeyHeart and I want to stay married to him!

How about y'all? Are you superstitious? What are you superstitious about?

Please, no telling people why their superstitions are wrong or inaccurate... that's kind of, ya know, the point. :) Let's just commiserate and enjoy our silliness together!


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