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Some of you may remember that I posted about having a brand new wonderful puppy boy. Well, I had to take him to the vet on Monday because he had two lumps on his back that I was worried about. First off, the vet tech was like Nurse Ratchet of the vet world. Puppy growled at her and squirmed something awful. The vet tech said that his behavior was unacceptable and tried to talk me into having private training for him because of this unacceptable (she kept using that term) behavior. Keep in mind, he was there the week before for his booster shots and when they took him in back to give him the shots he was howling and whimpering the whole time. Of course he wasn't happy to be back. And she was kind of handsy with him. But, the vet said that one lump was a reaction to his booster shot (thanks for telling me that might happen, NOT) and the other one was his microchip. Basically it was like, don't worry about it. It's fine. So, I paid for an office visit for you to tell me something you could have told me when he got his shots. Thanks.

Then, I asked the vet for advice on clipping his black claws. The vet said the tech would help. She advised just cutting them short and if they bled, that was fine, we want to get his quick to shrink. WHAT?!? NO. I get the idea, but I'm not going to intentionally hurt my baby. No one suggests letting my puppy bleed. NO. Then that night, Puppy goes to his obedience class where he LOVES his trainer. We fill her in on vet visit and her response is that we should go to another vet. She recommends a few. Long story short, one lump went away but the other got larger. So we took him to new vet today and Puppy has an abscess. First vet was too lazy to just do a needle aspiration to see what it might be. Puppy lived with a giant abscess for four extra days because Vet #1 was lazy. Also new vet's staff was loving and Puppy didn't growl or wiggle at all. I am happy that the lump is something as minor as an abscess (I was imagining cancer) but annoyed that Vet #1 is such a lame ass. And, as always our awesome trainer saved the day.


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