She has chronic renal failure which I guessed she would have since she is 16 years old (my 11 year old Mina also has it). Molly also has hypertension and a heart murmur. Some heart enzyme test showed that her heart is under stress indicating heart disease of some sort.

Then she says that she recommends an echocardiogram but that we would have to drive to Houston for that (1.5 hours away). So that's probably not happening.

Or we can have an ECG and Xrays done here and sent to a tech to be read.

Now I have to start thinking about life expectancy vs Molly's absolute fear of the vet and being away from me vs $. She is 16 and doesn't seem to be in any pain; she is eating and drinking normally and still expects/loves being brushed or petted while she eats (?) and cuddles with me.

I hate stuff.