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Vet/puppy issues (much whinging)

I took Buster and Sophie to a new vet on Saturday, and it was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. They didn’t get me in until an hour after my appointment time, the doctor paid almost no attention to the issues I brought up, and then he said he had to keep the dogs for two hours to draw blood and clip their nails. Which is insane, and I pushed back because the dogs are terrified of vets, but he insisted.

After two hours, I called to make sure they were ready, and was assured they were. Only to wait another fucking hour and a half after getting there, because they said I needed to see the doctor again — basically he hadn’t been listening when I described the skin issues they’re both having and the eye issues Buster is having, so he needed me to go over it all again so he could prescribe medication. So what should have been a 30-minute appointment took more than 5 hours.

Then I got home and realized the eye drops he’d prescribed for Buster, who is just having a little itching and watering, were, like, heavy-duty steroids. I should have been suspicious since he wanted to put them on steroids for itchy skin instead of trying a shampoo or even checking for flea dirt, though he gave me shampoo and a skin supplement when I said absolutely not.


And something — either the eye drops or the skin supplements or the stress of having to stay at the vet or some combination of the three — has given Buster terrible diarrhea for the last two days. I have him on a chicken and rice diet, but it’s not helping. So Buster’s having a lousy time, I am on constant diarrhea clean up and stressed the fuck out, I can’t give Buster the monthly flea meds he should have taken yesterday because of his stomach, and I am probably going to have to take time off work and pay to see another vet to fix whatever damage the last guy did.

Moral of the story, I guess: Never, ever see a vet without a personal recommendation — Yelp reviews are entirely worthless. Argh fucking argh. The only recommendation I have is a place several towns over, but I don’t really have a choice at this point.

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