So some back story: I had a vet I liked a lot, but a couple of years ago I switched because he did something that really hurt Logan and made Logan terrified to go back there. Logan was there for an annual physical and he tried to express Logan's anal glands - which he didn't need, I didn't ask for or authorize, and hurt the hell out of Logan.

But other than that incident he had been a very thorough and competent vet. It wasn't even so much that I was angry, but Logan wouldn't go through the front door of his office. It seemed like a good time to change to a different place.

My new vet was a very nice guy, much closer and I could always get an appointment. But he's really - NOT thorough. And yet, very VERY expensive. Like twice the price of the other guy. I brought Logan in for his annual exam, and basically all they did was give him his vaccines, listen to his chest, took blood for a parasite test and weigh him. The old guy would have looked in his eyes, his ears, his mouth, felt his body from head to toe, took a fecal, took blood and run a complete blood panel AND parasite test - a physical, like you or I would get.

I brought Logan in with an irritated eye about a week or so ago. He gets them every so often, but usually they resolve in a day or two after I rinse his eye out. This one didn't so I brought him in. The doctor looked at his eye and said, oh, it's just a little conjunctivitis, and gave me a prescription for some eyedrops. The eyedrops haven't helped, and Logan has been acting really weird - hiding and cringing. I decided to take him back to vet #1.

Vet #1 asked me whether Vet #2 had done a stain examination (this is an exam to check for corneal damage - they drop special stain into the eye and examine it under a black light in a darkened room. It is distinctive.) I said no. He did one. Logan has a small ulcer on his cornea. The eyedrops we were given by Vet #2 had a steroid in them. You do not use steroids in an eye with a corneal ulcer. It retards healing or makes it worse. I know this from when my bulldog had a corneal ulcer. Vet #1 gave me new eyedrops and a pain medication because corneal ulcers are painful.


I told him I'd be coming back hereafter. I guess he called Vet#2 to get the records faxed over, and he called me to say that the notes said Vet#2 had done a stain exam.

I can only say he must have altered his records based on something said to him or his office, because he absolutely did no such thing when I was there. That is fucked up. I'm pissed! But of course the important thing is that Logan's eye gets better and that he gets good care. I'm not pleased that Vet#1 may now think I'm either crazy or a liar, but I'll live with it as long as he takes good care of Logan and Bacon.