('cause I don't THINK my first paragraph could be triggering to anyone, but who the fuck knows.)
y u never work, spacers. do ur job and space.

This is the first I've ever heard of feederism, and it's a really interesting video about it. It's not something I would pursue, but this video left me feeling overwhelmingly positive. I'm still processing it, so I'm not sure WHY exactly I had such a positive reaction to this video.
Anyway, I found it really interesting and I would love to hear what other people think.


As always with Vice articles, I recommend not reading the comments, although these aren't quite as bad as they often are.


If this isn't like... appropriate to share, please inform me and I will delete it. It's not pornographic at all, but it is about a fetish and fetishization of overweight women.

(I am aware that fetishization of overweight women is problematic, and I'm aware that this particular fetish isn't very healthy in some ways.)