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Victim Blaming vs. Common Sense vs. Rape Culture

So... there's a popular advice columnist on a site that rhymes with "Plate" who is pretty consistent in her opinion about women, alcohol and rape. Personally, I think she walks a very fine line whose nuances do side-step victim-blaming. [Yes, I know I'm in the minority here on that aspect. I do also feel, however, that she doesn't do nearly enough with her squawk-box to call on men to, you know, NOT RAPE or to not just stand by. She's tripped herself up before with her own words but, generally, I think I get where she's coming from. I also reserve the right to say, "screw it, we're not on the same team" at any time.]

Anyway, if you go over to this rhymes-with-Plate site right now, they're riding the Maryville wave with a post entitled, "The Best Rape Prevention: Tell College Women to Stop Getting So Wasted".


*rubs temples*

Annnnnnd what's the point of any level-headed discussion after a rage-stroke inducing headline like that? Fuck you Sla — err, I mean "rhymes-with-Plate". Oh, fuck it — Slate, you owe your readership 3,000 scathing words admonishing the lack of "How's About You Don't Rape!" lectures by parents, schools and communities.How about that, huh?


I don't know what parallel universe she's in where people walk on eggshells to avoid telling women not to get drunk b/c they might get raped. Every time there's a news story about rape and alcohol is involved, wayyyyyy too many people seem to shrug their shoulders and go, "Well, what did she expect?" Wayyyy too many victims accept their assault knowing/believing that their alcohol consumption (no matter how little) will be held against them.

You know what, Society. We really do get it. We've heard you loud and clear for the better part of a century now. Alcohol puts a biiiiiig scarlet letter over us. And before "alcohol" was making us easy prey, it was "going out alone" or "showing too much decolletage" or "you have a vagina". Okay? We fucking got. it.


It's too early and I haven't had enough caffeine for this ish.

ETA: I found the antidote to the Slate article. Thanks to Slutty Angel for the link!

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