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Victoria's secret gift card -- what should I buy?

Somebody gave me a VS gift card with $70 on it. I don't have a lot of experience with VS. I once bought a bunch of panties at a sale and they turned out to be of really lousy quality and fell apart almost right away. I've been an Aerie loyalist for undies and bras, some of which have nice lace trim, so it's not like I don't own sexywear.

But also, I have been meaning to buy myself a new sports bra for a while, and I want something better than the ones at Target, which is what I have now. How are Victoria's Secret sports bras? They're a little pricey, but if they mean it when they say maximum support, I'm happy to use the gift card towards this good cause. (I'm thinking of this one.) If I get that, I'll throw in some sexy tights and be done with it.


If I don't use it towards the sports bra, I may put off the purchase and maybe get some regular clothing, or a cute slip to sleep in. Suggestions in the comments, please!

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