GUYS I had a big victory today.

A long time ago (so long I can't find it) I posted about a gynecologist's bill for $600 that my insurance wouldn't cover because they were special hormone tests for no goddamn reason. I have been fighting this bill for 9 MONTHS with all interested parties (insurance, clinic, and gyno) pointing fingers at each other, sending me around to contact the other. But my gyno's office has, for the last two months, stopped returning all phone calls, voicemails, and emails. Every time I got someone on the phone they would say, Oh, so-and-so will call you back in 5 minutes, and I would never get a call back.

I just fucking showed up in the office today and wouldn't leave until someone told me what was up. An hour and a half later, the doctor finally stopped to talk to me. We actually physically yelled at each other. People stopped to stare. It got messy.

However, I fucking win, because they're cancelling the charges. I WIN. FUCK YEAH.

I will celebrate by eating pate for dinner and rolling a huge fucking joint.

fuck. yeah.