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Video Game Whining

All I want to do is play Assassin's Creed Black Flag on my PC. But why don't I, you ask? Because I have to wait for it to get delivered to Best Buy so I can pick it up on Monday.

I have aaaaalll these games that I bought from the Steam Sale. I have Tearaway that lovely Boyfriend got me for Christmas for my Vita. I have the demo for Bravely Default that I could start (and probably will later, honestly).

I could play Tomb Raider. Or Bioshock Infinite. And I want to. But I don't want to start a game like that to have it interrupted by Black Flag when I play nothing else but that.


I could start an Indie game in between - but I tried that yesterday, and it was 'meh'.

Excuse me while I go deal with my ridiculous pouting about this. And maybe I'll damn it all and start Tomb Raider anyway.

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