First what do you like when I post music. Music video or concert footage of the song? I prefer concert footage. I want to see the singer singing with little distractions.

This was going to be a post on most vocally demanding pop songs. Well one song was Jim Steinman’s Total Eclipse of the Heart sung by Bonnie Tyler. Beautiful song that jumps from low to high withen notes. Bonnie has such a unique voice totally gravelly and husky yet beautiful. Almost a pure power singer.

Well curious about her I wikied her. What did I find she rerecorded this in 2003 with Kareen Antonn. Kareen, yes two es, is a French singer. They do the song as a true duet. The song starts in French then about a third in switches to English then back then they do it both ways towards the end. I love how their voices merge. Two completely distinct voices Kareen seems far more a soprano.

So tomorrow I will post on toughest pop songs to sing at least from my pov. I love this rabbit hole I got in tonight.

Here is the 1984 original ersion.

Here is the rerecording with Kareen Antonn.

I love both versions. The bilingual I love how Bonnie is so confident well beyond when this song first came out. Bonnie reached the phase where she is not singing a song to entertain but now singing the song as if the song was part of who she is and sharing with Kareen and the audience. Few singers reach this stage.


Which version do you like.