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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I want to get either a Super Nintendo or a Nintendo 64 but I can't decide which.

Both of them would be roughly the same cost, I'd probably just spend 70 and get it from the local indie game store that has a warranty. I listed out all the games and came up with more that I wanted on the N64 but the price per game is about the same. Then I went really nuts and listed how much I want each game, and averaged out the amount I want it over the money I would pay to come up with a "bang for my buck" measure and it came out...identical.


The list for N64 games is longer than the list for SNES games which means there are more I want, plus the N64 that the game store is selling is in a real box and that would be cool...but everyone I seem to ask says that the SNES has a better library and better games and aged much better and etc etc. I feel like I must be missing something because basically everyone except for me seems to think the SNES is a better purchase.

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