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Vignettes from a Kindergarten Graduation

In the morning, one of my junior kindergarten students, whom we suspect may be on the autism spectrum (albeit very high functioning), noticed the cardboard box containing the senior kindergartens certificates on the table where he usually goes to draw whenever he is upset. He immediately announced he wanted the box. I told him he couldn’t have it now because we need it, and he said he had to build a playhouse with it, I told him I would give him the box when we were done with it. For the rest of the day, on an interval of about every 20 minutes I heard “Are you done with the box yet?”

One of my boys went home for lunch, and came back dressed for the graduation and wearing cologne. One of the girls announced that he smelt good, sat down beside him, and kept leaning over to sniff him.

We’re standing in the hall waiting to start. My kids are lined up along the wall when all of a sudden, one of my boys is slapping my sides rhythmically and singing out “Jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly...” I have no idea what possessed him.


One little girl came to school and told me her Mom was bringing her graduation clothes at lunch. After lunch, Mommy still hadn’t come. This girl also has twin uncles who are also in Kindergarten, and they were also waiting for their clothes. The clothes finally arrived at 2 o’clock when the graduation was due to start. I am pretty sure they went shopping right before coming over, as the tags were still on everything. I didn’t mind the late start nearly as much as the fact that my student was in tears, because she was worried that someone would make fun of her for not being dressed up.

I was slightly mortified that one of my colleagues captioned pictures of our Vice Principals as “Vice Principles” in the video.

All in all it was a good, if long day. Tomorrow is playday.

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