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Vikings on History

Has anyone else noticed how this show has fully embraced the Unfortunate Haircut? The women have been mostly left out, but the men are suffering fully in their Unfortunate Haircuts.

It started in season 1. Poor Athelstan, with the shaved patch on the crown of his head.


It was soon followed by a strangely-shaped goatee. He looked just like the paintings in old churches, but it's not exactly stylish to a modern eye.

Then there's Bjorn, who's been two different actors, with the same odd styling.

It's did help us recognize him when he was suddenly all grown up, but still.


Most of them have some amount of shaving on the sides but not the top, to varying degrees of success. This one might be my favorite: the beard that connects to nothing.


Now the women are getting in on it, Natalie Dormer-in-Hunger-Games-style. They're rockin' it, so it's not so bad. The shaping used to be done with braids


But now it's full-on shaved on the side.


So I don't understand why, after such an established look on everyone, the new guy looks more like he belongs with these people...


than these...

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