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Viktoria Modesta; performance artist

Observation Deck poster caseyjonescaseyjones posted this video yesterday on O-Deck; tip of the hat!

Viktoria Modesta is a singer (an okay singer), a dancer, and brilliant performance artist. BUT I hesitated to post this video, because I do know there is the phenomenon of holding up individuals with disabilities as shining examples of "nobility in the face of suffering", etc. while implying that anyone who cannot live up to their standards is, well, letting down the side. Our own lovelylipstick has mentioned this phenomenon.


However, Modesta is an extraordinary performer with a unique vision, and this video of her (I believe) debut song "Prototype" is so very compelling. As caseyjonescaseyjones said yesterday, you want to devour each pixel (I'm paraphrasing). The whole video is wonderfully textured and layered, and although I'm sure Modesta had many other artists; videographers, stylists, etc. assisting her, this appears to be her vision.

She had her left leg amputated just below the knee at 19 or 20, and has decided to fiercely own this experience and body modification. It can't even be called "disability", because, as she makes clear in the video, she doesn't see herself as a person with a disability, she sees herself as a superhero; a revolutionary and a subversive, and her prosthetic is her weapon in the revolution.

The video is powerful, and disturbing in places, although there is no real violence or gore, it is symbolized in places. Be sure to watch through to the end for the "ice dance" and "ballet" sequence. The shock of the new, indeed.

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