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I have loved and adored Inside Llewyn Davis since the first time I saw it. Actually, I have loved and adored Inside Llewyn Davis since the first scene, the first time I saw it. It’s beautifully shot, the cinematography is incredible - you can feel the cold of that winter, and although I loved Oscar Isaac in Drive, watching him in Inside Llewyn Davis was revelatory (and yes I am one of those obnoxious people who is super annoyed at how much everybody loves him now. Unless it makes more people watch Inside Llewyn Davis in which case I’ll allow it. Grudgingly.). I haven’t even gotten to the music yet! Or the rest of the performances. What I’m saying is holy shit do I love that film. This is not an opinion that is widely shared, at least among non-film people, and even though all the film people I know love it (and it won the Jury Prize at Cannes) it didn’t get any Academy love (which just further illustrates how stupid they are). But now. This compilation of people’s Top 5 Coen Brothers films. AND IT’S ON SO MANY OF THEIR LISTS! This film is going to be considered an important Coen Brothers movie! Llewyn is going to get his place in history! I’m so happy you guys!

For any of you who want to come at me with your wrong opinions about disliking this movie:

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