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Vintage Bitch Face

Or is it bitchy resting face? I forget. But I have been trying to develop one since I hear this is a good way to deter all kinds of persons. Tonight I have been taking selfies in order to find out which face looks the bitchiest but this is so not working because I cannot stop cracking myself up.

But goddamn it, I want to look MEAN. Why am I so fucking shitty at looking mean? This is the best I could do. I decided that I would look hella meaner if I put a vintage filter on my faux/pseudo resting bitch face. Would that I could do this IRL, as well.

Are you afraid? Are you very, very afraid? Bitch face tips? I think it helps that my face is somewhat lopsided in the first place. (I am feeling very goofy, tonight.)



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