Every weekend Mr. Bird and I go hunting through vintage and antique stores and estate sales and Goodwill and whatnot. He's on the lookout for random tchotchkes that might be worth more than our rent (a few months back he found a Meissen cupid, whose designer was apparently the composer Tchaikovsky's grandfather, at the crummiest thrift store in town) and I'm buying vintage clothing for my Etsy shop. The gods of secondhand stuff were definitely smiling today or at least some really stylish lady cleaned out some closets she hadn't opened in at least forty years.


Sixties boucle coat. The inside is so satiny.

Sassy secretary dress with a pussy bow. I just like to say pussy bow really.

Sweet Fifties dress that needs some petticoats!


Sorry about terrible ipad photos and ginormitude.

We finished the day with my first real meal since the Stomach Flu of Eternal Vomiting on Thursday: fresh bread, fancy German honey, goat cheese, and figs. We even had a jug of wine (but were not beneath a bough). Then I logged on and found I had postings privileges! All around excellent afternoon.


And for the What Would Groupthink Do: there was a clearly posted sign at the Goodwill that if the cashier didn't ask if you wanted to round up your total for charity, the customer is entitled to 15% off their next purchase. Well, the cashier didn't ask, so I asked for the 15% off coupon. I really got the vibe that this was not an OK thing for me to do - like, it was not just hassle for her to make out the coupon but that she might get in trouble. Would you have gone for it? I am poor and cheap so money off is money off, but I generally am friendly with the folks at the store as I go there every few weeks and would hate to have gotten her a telling off. But the sign is RIGHT THERE.