This is my favorite Robin Williams movie. He proved he could do anything comedy or drama. This novie was done in 1982. Also it launched the career of Glenn Close and John Lithgow.

There is a scene both in the book and movie. The book is excellent and the only


John Irving novel I could get through. Any fans of his? The pivotal scene is an utter instant act of rage by Garp towards his wife and her lover. He saw the lover’s car in their driveway when he was pulling in after taking his children out for entertainment. The wife and lover were in his car. Garp sped up smashing into the lover’s car. Their son was killed, another son lost his eye, wife lost her teeth (this may have been just in the book though), the lover lost his male member (you can figure this out on your own that part of scene).

In the movie and book they remained married. Even in 1982 this seemed odd. I cannot picture if Irving wrote this today them remaining married. I think the point of the scene and book was does one act of impulsive rage define your life and marriage. I say, if its serious enough like this, yes. I think this was Irving’s question and point.s


Its a truly fantastic movie. The movie takes place over the span of his life. His mother played by Glenn Close was a leading feminist, John Lithgow played Garp’s best friend and also Garp’s mother’s bodyguard. It also had a young Swoosie Kurtz as a prostitute then follower of Garp’s mother. Swoozie Kurtz’s character was Garp’s first sexual experience payed for by his mother and she even introduced Garp to her.


Does anyone besides me that this scene the consequences would have been far different if written today. Also today Garp would not have gotten away with it legally.

Thoughts? I assume all Williams fans saw this movie. Oddly of all of Williams work this movie and especially that scene always stayed with me. I never forgot it. I saw it at the theater when it came out.


The second picture is of Lithgow and Close.