80s is borderline vintage but it is Friday the 13th. An 80s mostly movie series that featured a killer named Jason who killed people mostly teens mainly in campgrounds for having sex. Once he killed them in Manhattan and later on in space. I always thought it had an overly warped puritanical tone with the killer killing teens for having sex. Also I admit camping is something I don't do but do women really wear high heels camping? It seems not very practical.

The only good thing was Alice Cooper released a song for this series that actually was quite good, the beat was good and kind of ridiculous which was the best part. Cooper clearly wanted to sing a spoofy song. The song was the best thing from the series. For 80s slasher horror series I liked Nightmare on Elm Street slightly more but still not a fan. Halloween series, the first was good the rest was forgettable. These three series though were not very good overall but did represent horror movies of the 80s.