You guys, this is beautiful.

There's so much to love about this. The joy, the unbridled imagination and creativity, the hair, the costumes, the cheekiness, the political snark, the lack of corporate sponsored-anything. Back when it was called Gay Freedom Day and there really was only one place in the country you could be this free, down Market Street in SF. This is where all the scary footage of parading gays that would be shown on the news to scare the straights would come from. Except is was so the opposite of scary.

This is 40 minutes of wonderful, tinted with a little sadness at how many of these smiling faces we will end up losing to AIDS in the years that came afterwards.

(The dates say this footage is 1970-1980 but I think it's more a late-70' to about 1982. Those of you too young to recognize the references to Anita Bryant and oranges, she was a conservative singer/former beauty queen and outspoken vicious homophobe who represented the Florida orange juice industry while campaigning against gay anti-discrimination laws.)

Anyway, enjoy. This video made me so happy.