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Vintage TV Eight is Enough thoughts?

I never saw season one and got into this show during season two. I loved this show (77 to 81). It was an hour family show about a widower (season two), his new wife and his 8 kids. Dick Van Patten was the father, funny actor who portrayed a lot of warmth in his roles. Betty Buckley was the mother. She was my least favorite, something about her didn't fit with the cast, it was like she expected the show to be a drama not a dramedy. Of all TV families I would have loved them next door, Huxtables too. The children only Grant Goodeve and Willie Aames did ok after, Goodeve was on HGTV for years and Aames did Charles in Charge. They were a true fun loving upper middle class family. I believe its loosely based on a real family (a writer for either the NYTimes or Washington Post). Anyone remember this show? It was during the time of 2 other 1 hour family shows, Walton and Family. I never saw Family, couldn't stand the Waltons. Anyone like Family? I think I read at the time it was the opposite of 8 Is Enough, very serious. Anyone recall?


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