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Welcome To The Bitchery

As a kid in the 1970s my grandmother loved his shows FBI Story, Dragnet and Adam12. He produced all 3, starred in Dragnet. He had such a huge impact on cop shows, CSI and Law and Order, first one especially. I miss the idea that a crime show can be 30 minutes, Dragnet and Adam12 proved it. Yes the shows were a reflection of the times especially dealing with women in the police force, I suspect if he was alive today doing cop shows he would adjust for the times. One thing I loved most was an innocent look he had at police, police to him were the shining knights of society. Reality it was never that way. I am not sure if sometimes my disappointment with cops doesn't stem from having watched these shows as a kid, did part of me buy into the shining knights view. I suspect his mind would blow up with crimedies like Bones and Hawaii 50, especially H50. I think he would love Major Crimes though.



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