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Vintage TV Happy Days

One of my favorite tv theme songs. This show was Dickenesque. It was a good show and a horrible show from one week to the next or same week. I saw the first run growing up. As reruns I tried watching and it has not held up well. The show was character driven and about growing up.

Richie Cunningham personified the expression goody good shoes. He was so annoying. He wanted to be cool but had no rebel feel. He was too nice and too innocent. He was the persona Mitt Romney wanted to portray but failed completely due to it being so transparent.

Mrs C. I liked her. She had this look that said "come on, you are so not fooling me". I always liked how Ralph amd Potsie would think Mrs C was fooled when boom she saw right through them.


The Fonz. One of my favorite characters ever. Why? He personified what cool is suppose to be. Its not about acting cool but how you face situations. You have to think things through, not act hot headed but also not blaise and not care. He also tried to always do the right thing and call people out who do not. He also showed that coolness was being in control of your actions and not let yourself be anxious and if you are to not show it.

Granted Fonz had serious shortcomings and major flaws like thinking he was Gods gift to women although in retrospect maybe it was more of an image he wanted to have. Even as a kid I wondered why did he spend so much time hanging out with not just Richie and his pals but also with Mrs C and her boring naive hubby if he had so many dates as he claimed.

No Happy Days post can leave out the most annoying TV couple ever, together they were annoying alone also annoying. Who you ask? Joanie Cunningham and her boyfriend Chachi. When Richie left many, many Joanie and Chachi episodes were nearly unwatchable. When Fonz appeared less and less even more so.

What are your thoughts on Happy Days?

I almost forgot Happy Days gave us one thing I am certain almost every man in your life over 45 uses as part of his vocabulary. The Thumbs Up sign. I know its part of my vocab for bye, cool, totally agree, good price(fleamarket), good point. I do not know why more men then women use it.

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