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Vintage TV I Love Lucille Ball, thoughts?

I am defining I Love Lucille Ball as her trilogy of shows, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show then Here's Lucy. I loved this watching them as a kid in syndication. I got The Lucy Show on DVD a few years ago and its still funny. Enough has been written about I Love Lucy.

I loved Lucy with Gale Gordon. She throughout both shows played the slightly incompetent assistance who often messed up but always fixed it in a funny way. Not much love is there for this pairing. They seemed like best friends doing an old fashioned comic routine similar to Abbott and Costello.

Lucille Ball was a genius at bringing on guests and playing off their guests strengths. Lets face it without her casting Carol Burnett and letting Burnett shine in her episodes would there have been her legendary show?


I don't know why neither show had the staying power as I Love Lucy. In many ways I thought Lucy played off Gordon better then Desi.

Its amazing how she always cast men whose characters were dominating and patronizing. Yet she clearly was brilliant and ran a very successful TV production company Desilu and these actors especially Gordon worked for her. Her staging and filming of sitcoms became the blueprint for decades for most sitcoms made.

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