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Vintage TV The Phil Donahue Show

I loooooooveeed Phil Donahue growing up. He to me was the ideal talkshow host and SJW. I wanted to be like him as an adult in some ways I still do, I know next to nothing about his private life I want my memories of him as a talkshow host be dominant. I loved watching him belittle white supremicists, tell Jerry Falwell that he would rather be in hell with Jewish people then a heaven that just has "born again" people. I loved how he worked an audience and made them part of the show, except Oprah no one has done it better. One day he would do politics the next social issues but even politics episodes slanted towards social issues. He set the standard that Oprah used and brought it up a level, Sally Jessy Raphael tough like Judge Judy but less blunt, and the horrible like Springer, Jenny Jones and others. I am still mad at MSNBC for yanking his nighttime show and allowing Chris Matthews to mock him on Donahue's own show. I suspect he was yanked at MSNBC for being antiwar (Iraq War). His heyday was 70s through mid80s on daytime TV. Anyone remember his daytime show? Besides me?


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