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Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m looking for recommendations for a violet/purple shampoo to tone down brassiness for occasional use. A couple of years ago I switched to Wen and it really helped my dry, curly hair—I credit it with my being able to grow my hair long (to my waist) without it all breaking or getting so tangled that tangles would have to be cut out.

I get balayage blonde highlights, and my stylist said violet shampoo would really help with keeping the warm tones from creeping in as much (my hair gets SUPER warm toned and I prefer cooler tone). At the time I wasn’t willing to use shampoo at all. But I’ve decided that shampooing once in a while, like 1-2x a month, isn’t likely to destroy my hair and will help my color. And I love Wen but the lawsuit around hair loss freaks me out because, apart from grays, my hair is the one thing my job stress and lack of sleep for years didn’t ruin about my body. I want to keep it please! In reading more about complaints people had, I think the only thing that might apply to me is if I ever am just not cleaning my scalp enough, since I know I’m not allergic to any of its ingredients, as I’ve been happily using it for two years with great results. And so I also decided that periodically shampooing is worth it because it will help my color and help me not worry that I’m somehow clogging all my hair follicles or something.


I’m reaching out to my stylist too but I wanted to see if any of you had recommendations, particularly for curly hair. I’m 2B/2C, depending on what part of my head you look at!

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