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Vision boards?

The first time I ever made one of these, I was in a mandatory leadership program in college that I was required to attend in order to receive the small scholarship that went with it. I hated it, and when they brought out the magazines and glue sticks I was like... what, are we five? really???

Pinterest and Tumblr have made the concept more palatable for me, because what are they really if not an unending mood board of some kind, especially if you like posting/pinning pretty pictures cause they are nice to look at and make you feel a certain way.

So when my handmade business group suggested doing one I was like, what the hell, I’ll throw one together from Tumblr pics. Had to be digital, cause I don’t own magazines.


I don’t even know if I did it “right” but I kinda like it. I want my year to be just like this. It makes me feel calm and happy and cozy.

Anyone else want to do one? Share please!! I’m going to bed and would love to see some in the morning :D

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