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She is trying to look at pictures of dogs on her iPad. But I've hacked the wifi so all pictures on the web have been replaced with this:

I would say im sorry but I am too busy trying to keep a straight face.

UPDATE: she thinks it is Reddit's fault. And she is now seeing this:


I am open for more images, any suggestions?

Update 2: proof!

Update 3: HAHAH this is what she sees now -


Going to do one of the Nic Cage cat fusion pics next.

Update 4: she's decided to stop browsing reddit and has switched to Imgur. Alas, Cage is there too! (Special thanks to Know'm Sayin'?)


Update 5: I think Know'm saying? has waaaay too many Nic Cage pics. But, as they are hilarious as hell, this is what she is seeing now. And the first time it came up she was laughing for about 5 minutes straight.



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