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Visiting friends with Preemies

So I'm leaving in about an hour to visit some friends who had twin boys about 3 mos. ago. They've been at a hospital over an hour away, in addition to being premature both twins had heart conditions. One gets to come home soon, and will have his surgery down the line, the other not doing as well had his surgery a couple weeks ago, and is slowly thriving but not as strong as his brother.

I'm childless, plan on remaining so. I'm good with babies (two much younger brothers and lots of cousins) but my experience has only been with healthy and full-term babies. (I'm from a hearty people apparently). Hell I'm looking forward to baby-sitting when they come home. (They're out of state at the moment to stay where the boys can get the best care for their hearts).

Here are my issues:

-I'm really friends with the husband as opposed to the wife so I'm friends with mommy but not her friend if you know what I mean


-any faux-pas of not to say when around preemies or babies with issues

My friend and I were texting and what spurred the visit was he seems to be desperate for adult company, conversation and normalcy. I'm hoping to coo over the babies and just be normal and keep them company. Seriously what am I missing?

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