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Visiting my grandparents

Y’all. I’m at my grandparents’ place and they are driving me nuts/cracking me up.

Today, I was telling a story about Homey and a really bad sunburn he has right now. And I told them that, upon seeing his sunburn, I told him he was a damn fool (which is the sanitized version, I actually said GODdamn fool 😁). Which he is because he knows better!

Anyway, my grandma said, “He allows you to talk to him like that?” ALLOWS. You guys! I chortled and said, “Allows me? He LOVES it.”


I texted Homey what she said and he replied, “LMFAO. She doesn’t know you very well.”

Then, tonight, my grandma asked if there was anything that comes on at 8 on Netflix that we like to watch. My grandma, y’all. 😂

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