I can't find the post right now but a while back I highly recommended this stuff:

(It's not $50, it's $20) because it's been just about a wonder product for me - as the makeupalley folks would say, it's my holy grail product. I've moved on to making my own version for the cost savings, but this is better, truth be told. I've noticed drastic improvements in everything from breakouts to overall tone, diminished sun damage (so, so much sun damage) to easing the "11" on my forehead.

Anyway, that link isn't sponsored in any way, no kick backs, no involvement in the company, I just happen to love it.

I know a few people bought it, what'd you think?

ETA: Whoa, that's kind of crazy... the amazon link says "21 readers bought this" so.. now I know that, I guess.