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I bit the bullet and got a Vitamix!

After wearing down the blades of a Magic Bullet (best blender name ever) and burning out the motor on a Cuisinart cup blender, I decided to get serious. My mom bought it for me at Costco and is letting me make payments since we're poor. My previous plan was to just squirrel away $20 at a time when I could until I had enough to buy one, she's awesome for helping me along.


In the last couple days I've made three varieties of hummus (traditional, roasted beet, and sweet potato Sriracha), smoothies, coffee frappe, and almond milk. Our ice cube trays make chunky 1.25" cubes and it was all, "Oh, you thought that would take more than 2 seconds to pulverize?"

So, does anyone else have and enjoy one of these beasties? Any good blender related recipes I need to try?

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