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Viva Nat Vegas

I’m home from Las Vegas! It was fun. I didn’t win any money, but I also didn’t lose a bunch either (I lost about $6 playing slots, it was my first time gambling in any way and I decided to quit while I was ahead-ish? haha.)

We went to Lotus of Siam which was phenomenal. I had a rice dish with dried and fresh Thai chilies that was delish, but my over 30 no-longer-iron stomach wasn’t that happy with me afterwards. ;) I’d say it was worth it. Also did the buffet at Caesar’s place one day which was pretty bomb as well. I had a Vietnamese coffee custard dessert there that knocked my socks off.


One night we went to downtown Vegas in the Fremont district which was very cool. I like smaller places and dive bars so that was more my speed. I had some type of a cocktail that was peach nectar and soda with passion fruit purée and peach bitters that I looooved.

In Fremont there was also a huge playground built to scale for adults. The three friends that I went with and I all agreed that it might have been our favorite part! I didn’t realize how much I missed sliding! I skinned my knee, but again, worth it.


We also spent an afternoon hanging out at the pool at the mirage hotel drinking cocktails. The pool water was freezing, but it was perfect outdoor sitting weather, and I got to break in my new swimsuit from modcloth.

Last night, we saw cirque du soleil “O”, which was mind blowing. It’s based around water so they had all of these stunts and illusions they did that required hyper athletic swimming, dancing on a soaking wet stage, aerials, acrobatics, gymnastics, and on and on. The craziest thing was that the diving pool in the center of the floor would periodically drain all the water so that performers could dance on the flat surface, and then fill back up three minutes later and someone would be deep diving into it from a tiny platform at the top of the auditorium! I couldn’t believe it. Highly recommend.


Overall, it was a very good trip. I got really overwhelmed with all of the people/crowds, noise, smells, et cetera, from time to time but it helped having friends there with me as a buffer. I took my last trip on my own, so it took some adjusting having someone stay in the room with me and also 5 full days of togetherness. I felt on edge and irritated with my roommate a couple of times because I was getting really worn out and craving alone time, but there were no fights or disagreements or anything like that. I’m chalking it up to me being out of my living-alone comfort zone and the fact that I got my first non-birth control period in months while on the trip, so I wasn’t feeling well physically either. (Well, she did accidentally lock me out of the room for two hours when I was cramping badly and couldn’t get ahold of anyone, soooo maybe not all just my own state contributing to the crankiness lol) Next trip I take with other people, I’ll be sure to schedule time for me to go off by myself and recharge.

Mostly I’m just so glad to be home. I missed my kitty and my bed. Time for some quiet introverting. :)

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