This story about vocal fry was posted on Jezebel main page just a couple hours ago.

And just now, Fresh Air announced that their show tomorrow will be on the same topic! I love Fresh Air and I’m really interested in the topic, so I’ll most likely be tuning in at my desk (they air at 2:00 ET, and you can stream it online). Once they broadcast, you can listen to episodes on Fresh Air’s website. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is interested!

And here is the segment of the This American Life episode that the other article references—it’s a great listen.

Chana Joffe I’m just trying to speak. Literally the way that the voice comes out of my mouth bothers you? What am I supposed to do about that? And even now as we’re speaking about it, I am noticing every single time I do it, and then hating every single time I do it, and trying not to do it. But trying not to do it is impossible because it’s the way that I talk, because it’s my actual voice. It’s crazy making.

Ira Glass It’s funny. Until we started talking about it for this story, I never even noticed it in your voice.

Chana Joffe And now you notice it every single—

Ira Glass Yeah. Have you noticed that I do it too?

Chana Joffe Not until right now.