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TW: PBS Science stuff on volcanoes that will kill you!!!

So i'm sitting here nursing a cold and stooopid sinuses that won't stop making snot :( Which means i have to hold off editing my more serious stuff, cuz i cant take ritalin and sudefed together without scaring folks. ><;;

Because of my affliction i found myself in bed watching the tv that is without cable. So i literally have 100 channels, a handful of which are in English, (cuz this is SoCal) the rest are in a variety of other languages and religions. Which would make a great post for another, healthier time. :) And with the lack of variety and DVR i somehow ended up watching this Nova program. While sober and healthy, it would be interesting, but after a healthy dose of Nyquil... it's kinda scary. And then i remembered a post from earlier about volcanoes and my drug addled, stuffed up brain seems to think i should share this as a public service.


FYI. don't think i want to visit Iceland anymore... :(

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