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Volunteering for Hillary (and OT for election angst)

You want to hear something that is making me feel a bit disconcerted about HRC’s ground game?

I’ve spent almost 2 weeks now trying to figure out how to volunteer in a battle ground state for her. There is a volunteer form on her site that I’ve now filled out a 3 times, stating that I would be available to travel and I’m still waiting to hear back from an organizer.

Is this a normal amount of time to wait for something like this? (To be clear, in a regular volunteer opportunity, I wouldn’t stress, but the timeline is so tight right now...) Maybe this means they have more volunteers than their organizers can handle?


But I’m here, I’m unemployed and I’ve got a car. Plus my state is a lock for her and I’m willing to travel. I would think there would be a way for me to be helpful? Tomorrow, I think I’m just gonna start calling some local offices directly....

Vomit out your election/terror related nerves here so that we can all bathe together in our collective fear juices.

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