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Welcome To The Bitchery

First off - who asked for this? Why though?

Like a Batman/Catwoman sex scene...ok. I get that. But Joker? Naked? Please no. Of course gross incels are super happy to have Harley Quinn spank material. The idiot in charge of this is as happy as a pig in shit on his twitter (cause tee-hee, he’s SO edgy), so I’m not linking. He’s claiming he’s going to be “respectful” of Harley (first red flag, honestly) and he also said he’s going to make sure Harley is just as naked as Joker. I doubt it. He already posted a picture of them post-coital (possibly from something earlier) and you can see Harley’s tits but no peen.


My guess is the “sex scene” will include a blowjob but no cunnilingus. Harley will likely have an orgasm through PIV. Typical straight male bullshit. Because they have no idea what “equality” means. Or what actual good sex entails. Male nipples are not as scandalous as female nips. A dick is the the nips. Ass is ass. I don’t know what a vagina comparison would be. Taint? Idk. I’m not opposed to seeing any of this, but then I remember it’s the joker. I don’t wanna see the joker’s dick.

Am I alone in this? What do ya’ll think?

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