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Vote Now If You Think Burt Should Watch This Hallmark Channel Movie Right Now

This movie is about to start on the Hallmark Channel. It is called "Reading Writing and Romance." In this movie, "a struggling actor (Eric Mabius) takes on a job teaching high school Shakespeare to pay the bills and ends up finding his leading lady (Virginia Williams)."

It is described as a film about "how teaching can ultimately become a lesson in love."

Here is a trailer:

I'm leaving my Sunday morning movie watching fate up to you. So vote now and tell me if I should watch this movie!



UPDATE: By an overwhelming majority, 87% to 13%, you have decided that yes, I should watch this movie. Not sure if this means that 87% of you hate me or what, but here I go!

So far it is pretty good, even though I don't really understand what's going on. I guess he was a commercial actor but he sucked and didn't make a lot of money. So he is teaching now. Also, LOL @ Hallmark's portrayal of schools and 'teenagers' which is basically right out of the 1950's.


Stephanie Powers is fabulous, also. Please check out her awesome website. She makes me have all kinds of swoony 80s flashbacks.

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