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I have lived and voted in 5 states since I turned 18 (never voted in more than one state in the same election!). It has been over 12 years since I lived in KS. Kansas is also where KKKobach is running for governor, and is super into preventing (non-existent) voter fraud (also, with a side of voter suppression.

(Link in case kinja kinjas):


I’ve amassed 12 years of being an inactive voter in KS. Somehow I’m still on the rolls. Hmm, wonder why that could be? (In KS, local elections are often decided at the primary stage, and it’s a closed primary. If you want a say, you have to be registered as an R, since most D races are unopposed in primary, if there is even someone running at all. As a 17 year old, I worked at the local polls as the “R” representative for my ward - which I had no idea until halfway through the day that I was supposed to be an R since the other person for my ward was a D. Also, there’s the obvious part that I’m white.)

So, apparently, enticing people into voter fraud is the new way to go?

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