Because there are so many problems that it is nearly impossible to keep track, I am not 100%, but I am pretty sure this is a different vendor that the Voter Software parent company that was bought out by a different Russian oligarch.

The software was not on the voting terminals themselves. Rather it was on the machines that oversee the site I think. Bigger issue is to me the company bald faced lied. I wonder if it is publicly traded, and if that could constitute lying to shareholders?

Big picture is that we should to push for backup paper ballots and voter rolls. I believe that is what the Dutch have done.

I am fairly confident at this point Mueller is sprinting for the finish line, as fears about our descent in authoritarianism seem less and less remote by the day. Trump has no respect for the Rule of Law and the GOP is ready to follow him right into fascism.


Meanwhile Obama is in South Africa, and is speaking out. I’ve gotten impatient with him at times, but I understand his fear that if he reemerge as the Democratic leader he will hamper the ability for the next class of leaders to rise up.


Ok, maybe I just really wanted to see Obama today.

Keep fighting the good fight.