First things first: y'all are the bomb diggty when it comes to advice. Second, the date went well. I could make a lot of Major Tom jokes or Rocket Man jokes, but honestly I'm too tired and all that jazz. So, on to the tale!

Ok, looks first. While Mr. Perfect looked like skinny Captain America, this dude had the buff Captain America thing going on. He had the blue eyes and height. And face. Wow. Except he smiled more. And looked less like a clueless jock.


Go home Cap. You're drunk.

Well, we did talk shop for a bit. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I asked him about what it's like to be a scientist. He really likes it, and I showed how passionate I am about history. We even talked about Genghis Khan for a bit. You'd think that'd be weird, but...not really.


Now onto the best parts! We basically just riffed and improvised stories. Like, we made up funny scenarios about fake people. It's hard to explain, but pretend that you're telling a joke, and then you make up a pretend person, give them traits, and just...I donno. I played that game with Bro VV when I was a kid, so it was cool to finally get a chance to play it again. Ok, it's basically improv. Repeating myself because coffee level too low.

Superheros, The Venture Bros., ATHF, Obama (not in a mean way about our President), no one was safe from our jokes. As for me...


Obviously, I have a theme this morning.

We ended up walking around town and getting a beer. First dude who didn't judge me for ordering a Guinness. Because we're both of Irish stock.


Oh, and he built an arc reactor last Halloween. Like, almost legit.

He didn't walk me home or anything, but he gave me a hug and lifted me up. Admittedly, I'm a tiny gal (5'1", 98 lbs.), so it was kinda cute. It's fun to be lifted up.


I had a lot of fun. Made him crack up as much as he made me. So, even if we don't go out again, I'll be happy I had such a fun night!

Pro-tip: buy the smallest leather jacket you can get into. Nothing screams confident and sexy like a leather jacket. Bonus points if you can get your hair to look a soft and bouncy!