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VV Doubles Down-Two Dates, One Day

Hello and good morning my lovely GT'rs! My adventures in OKC-from the tentative start to my many concerns (mostly neurosis, all up in my head), have been lovingly supported and patiently assuaged by y'all. Here is the story of my crazy Sunday, wherein I had two dates. Reporting back, as promised:

First, do you know how hard it is to keep a lie straight when you see two different guys on the same day? "What did you do today?"-Um, laundry? Worked on my stupid bullshit paper? Went to Mars? It's not easy. I'm sure you lovely ladies and gentlemen have done something like this at one point or another, because y'all be awesome. I, being the oblivious, can't say no type of girl, double booked-and it was fun! Not used to attention from guys, so it was basically intoxicating. I'm kinda digging this.

Date 1, 12:30 pm-Coffee: I took a car service (yay, Uber!) to a place in a notoriously crowded area in the city of LA. I took like, two showers that morning and wore my Wonder Woman necklace (and clothes, obviously). I got there early, and my date showed up a few minutes later. Quite a fun guy, and pretty cute. It was my first experience talking to someone in "The Industry". We made sarcastic jokes-which may have gone a bit over his head. Oh well, whatever. We riffed on movies, and quoted lines from them. It was quite enjoyable, because I wasn't nervous. I made some cracks about how I tend to find myself in odd situations, which is absolutely true. He told me about his experiences at his job. It was nice to have a non-acidemic to talk to, even though he went to an amazing private college in my city. Drove me home, and we walked around a gag store-still cracking jokes made in bad taste. The only downside: he had to use my bathroom (I never say no to someone who needs to pee). So he saw the inside of my dirty apartment. Laundry in the front room, a few bras on the floor, my (hopefully) well hidden meds, the *ahem* RDJ pictures in my room, and the fritos by my bed (I tend to sleep eat). He stuck around, stoked about my signed David Bowie book. I eventually kicked him out to "work on my paper". He was quite the gentleman. Would make a great drinking buddy.


Date 2, 6pm-Coffee: First person I've met in advertising-succesful and loves his job. Cute, in terms of looking like a kinder version of Judd Apatow. This guy opened with the best possible conversation. I must all caps my feels: HOLY SHIT YOU MET ROBERT DOWNEY JR. OMG FAN GIRL IN DA COFFEE HOUSE! He kindly offered to find me a related item-signed, of course, by RDJ-for me. This is basically the best thing someone could say to me. With the exception of RDJ saying "I'm leaving my wife for you". We covered everything: his job (and he is mostly a tech geek, and I told him I'm looking into learning Python. He was very supportive), my frustration with my paper, capitalism (ok, I am a huge fan of that. So is he. So...good sign?), Syria, and how we always got in trouble in school. He was very interested in what I had to say, which was very nice. I thought what he had to say was equally captivating. Swapping stories is fun! I think I came off ok, because he texted me on his way home. I ended up hyped up on coffee, which makes me talk very fast. We stayed until almost closing time, when the caffeine high hit and we got a bit kooky. Awkward hug when I walked him to his car. Oh well. Would make a good buddy too.

What I learned: dress casual. Be the best you that you can be. Ask questions about them. Don't get hyped up on coffee to the extent that you can't gather most of your thoughts. And, above all, ask GT what the hell to do, when you haven't dated in four years.

My two "boyfriends" will now show their approval:


Loki gives me the thumbs up.


Tony Stark, um, being Tony Stark. Approving, or something.

Unrelated, but a huge thanks for everyone who gave me tips on how to quit smoking last night!


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