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VV Rants In Gifs About Class

A minor rant, and if my TA is on GT-this is nothing personal. I totes respect you, major props on your dissertation. A rant featuring some gifs. You have been warned.

So, I started class a few days ago. It's about literature of a specific culture I'm studying, which is located in the north of Europe. It's actually a type of class I've taken as a GE requirement already. Same concept, different books. I'm the only social science major in my class. Which makes it easy, plus I'm the only one who can read. Nothing against the dope doctors of the future, because my dream this month is to become a gonzo journalist (which is basically not going to happen). But, come on, when it comes to this type of stuff, no one can beat me. Here's The Comedian expressing how I felt for the first bit of the class:


Because, "haha, I can write and y'all ain't got shit on my critical reading skillz".

Boy, was I wrong. Not about my mad skillz regarding my writing and reading. More like the material. It doesn't interest me. Ok, I get that I can learn new things, and maybe get excited about learning. However, it doesn't hold my attention. In fact, it's just-well, lets just say being the single history major there, stuff is easy. Take it away, Stark:

Also, we have six weeks to write hella papers. No problem with that, I can do a five page paper in my sleep. Literally. I can remember an outline I dream about when I sleep. But in class, we have to peer-edit. Which means there's a good chance that I'll be giving away my interpretations for free. Which makes me pissed off. Or-and I know this for a fact because we did an exercise on this-I am the only person who can think critically. Seriously. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or put down the brilliant people in my class, I just feel like I'm wasting my time. I am not the goddamn TA. I need Ru Paul to say it:


Ok, I'm almost done, I swear. Really. I promise. I know this isn't a lot of fun to listen to, and the gif party is a bit much. But I gotta add Peggy to sum it all up.


Added bitching: I don't have time to finish my Hunter S. Thompson books because I have to read about one hundred pages a week.


End of rant. Thanks for letting me vent and obsessively include gifs.

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