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W.H. Official Kelly Sadler "he's dying anyway" Is Depraved Indifference Not A Joke

How is she still working? She said this about Senator McCain. First there should have been an unneeded memo saying “do not speak about Senator McCain except in words of sympathy and support”. It would be unneeded since it does not need to be written. To use the excuse “he’s dying anyway” as a “failed joke” actually makes it worse, how is his dying funny. Oh I know, I get it Trump thinks its funny. Everything said is for his benefit.

God 10 years ago candidate Obama had to come out and give a speech on what his minister said years prior. Now a W.H. Offical makes a depraved indifference remark and no one is asking Trump to give a speech on it or a statement. Just imagine for a second if an official from the Hillary Clinton W.H. had said this? I bet Kelly Sadler would be one of the first to denounce it. Hillary would have to fire the official, give a speech and Fox News would be spending weeks on this and push republicans in Congress to hold hearings.

Rot starts from the top. I cannot imagine either Bush White House official saying this about a Senator from either party. Why? They would know the president would not tolerate it. Senator Ted Kennedy was in bad health the last year of W’s presidency I cannot imagine let alone recall any W.H. Official saying something like this and he was of the opposite party. Sadler said this knowing Trump either does not care or most likely would like it.


She is apologizing because she was told to no way is this sincere. She thought it out before saying it

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